On the afternoon of July 25, the company held the eighth overseas video conference on epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, and set up video sub-conferences in Thailand, Mozambique, Madagascar, Congo (Brazzaville), Cameroon, Angola, Egypt, Congo (DRC) and Australia. Tian Ziyong, deputy general manager of the company, staff of relevant departments, team members of overseas Business Department and relevant department heads attended the on-site meeting, which was presided over by Song Hecai, chief engineer of overseas business Department.
     Conference, the regional director in turn to the local epidemic situation abroad, epidemic prevention and control work situation, all kinds of material reserves, and companies are required to resolve problems has made the detailed report, to hear the leaders in different regions of the reporting process, to review one by one, surely everyone's recent work, and to stand in the front line of overseas all employees expressed cordial sympathy and respect.
     Personnel from relevant departments of the company put forward the following requirements for overseas epidemic prevention and control work: first, we should learn from domestic epidemic prevention experience and strengthen inspection and quarantine work in food and beverage hygiene; Second, for the resumption of work and production and follow-up new projects, we must earnestly do a good job of information control; Third, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of epidemic prevention and control and work safety, and do a good job in staff safety education. Fourth, it is necessary to timely report weekly summary of epidemic prevention work and problems, and supervise the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work at the community level.
     At last, Tian Ziyong first conveyed the Notice of China Construction Engineering Group on Epidemic Prevention and Control and Production and Operation of overseas projects under the situation of "Unsealing with Epidemic Disease", requiring everyone to learn and understand the spirit of the document carefully, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and production and operation of overseas projects. In view of the current complex situation of the epidemic abroad, the following four requirements are put forward for the epidemic prevention and control work of overseas projects: First, we need to have a deep understanding of the challenges brought to the epidemic prevention and control overseas under the situation of "lifting the epidemic containment" and take effective measures to actively respond to them; Second, all regions should increase their reserves of epidemic prevention, medical treatment and daily necessities in countries with severe epidemic situations. Third, it is necessary to do a good job of dynamic epidemic prevention under the situation of "unsealing with epidemic disease" in a thorough and meticulous way, and timely adjust and optimize relevant emergency plans; Fourthly, we should strengthen the communication between employees at home and abroad to keep the overseas employees in a good mental state.