On the afternoon of August 12, the Overseas Business Division held the coordination meeting on the promotion of Enpa Road project in Cameroon. Tian Ziyong, deputy general manager of the company, attended the meeting, including team members of overseas Business Department, relevant departments and all Cameroon project managers. The meeting was held in the form of "live + video" and presided over by Song Hecai, chief engineer of the Business Unit.
  Zhang Te, project manager of Empa Road in Cameroon, made a detailed report on the current work progress, problems existing in the project and the work plan for the next step. The leaders attending the meeting made a comprehensive analysis and detailed guidance on the report content.
  CAI Jun put forward three requirements: one is to actively act, improve the sense of honor and responsibility of the project; Second, the nodes should be strictly controlled and the equipment should be turned over efficiently. Third, we need to strengthen linkage to ensure the normal performance of projects.
  Tian Ziyong finally stressed: one to take multiple measures at the same time, joint management to ensure the performance of the contract; Second, we need to put resources to good use and do a good job of allocating resources across borders. Third, overall management, accurate accounting of project costs; Fourth, we need to strengthen confidence and resolutely win the battle against the epidemic.