On October 25, the opening ceremony of the overseas Business Division's 2020 International Capability Improvement Training class was successfully held in Beijing. Wang Yu, deputy secretary of the General Party branch of the Overseas Business Division and President of the Trade Union, Liu Jie, director of the general Office of the Business Division, Li Xin, director of The English training of Shanghai Zhongjian Development Company, Li Li, director of meiying Education and Training Center, CAI Mengzhu, representative of the English teacher, and 27 students from the Business Division attended the opening ceremony. The meeting was presided over by Liu Jie.
  Li Li extended a warm welcome to the students of the Overseas Business Division, and introduced the training experience, teacher composition, courses and the implementation of the English training.
  Cai Mengzhu to details of the training courses, site encourages students to adopt themselves to share, to ask questions in the form of q&a, English songs and introduce yourself, and English training sets, video broadcast overseas division 2019, live can not visit the scene of the English teacher, teacher BALI, wen-juan jiang teacher online sharing, respectively, English learning methods and experience, I hope you can always keep the enthusiasm for English learning.
  Bai Lihai, the representative of the veteran staff students, took the stage to speak. He Shared his personal experience of working overseas and spoke fluently in English, no matter in business cooperation or in daily life. And on behalf of the students, I will cherish this Opportunity to learn English, grasp the learning methods, and continue to learn in the future work, learning, to achieve long-term progress.
  Li xin was invited to participate in the training plan and specific implementation work, at the ceremony, she prospect from the background when it comes to overseas positions, from language learning instinct when it comes to the simplicity of learning English, from "teach them to fish than teach them to fish" when it comes to the importance of English learning methods, and gave the students a words of wisdom: "Where there is a will, there is a way", to encourage students must select, face to face with English, to find the method, and make unremitting efforts.
  Finally, Wang Yu encouraged all the students to do a good job in this training opportunity, in the next learning to do the following three points: first, to put down the business to concentrate on learning; Second, we should put down our AIRS and learn modestly. Third, we should lay down our distractions and settle down to study.
  The English training for two weeks, by adopting the combination of online teaching methods, students online real-time video clock in, offline closed militarized management, completed the international engineering English letter writing "the survival and the business English the correct pronunciation class" people learn the phonetic symbol "and so on, and designed for opening the Fidic claim negotiation - epidemic outbreak.