On the afternoon of November 10th, the overseas Business Division held a meeting of recent key work promotion in Beijing. Tian Ziyong, deputy general manager of the company, the leading group of the business Division and the department head attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by CAI Jun, general manager of overseas Business Division.
    At the meeting, the heads of all departments of the Business Division made detailed reports on the recent key work and the next work ideas. Leaders attending the meeting made comments and summaries on the report contents one by one, and put forward suggestions and specific requirements for the next key work of each department.
    CAI Jun put forward the following requirements for the recent key work of the overseas Business Division: First, strengthen the sorting out of the company's overseas system, and compile and improve the overseas management system as soon as possible; Second, strengthen the work style construction, pay attention to communication linkage, improve work efficiency; Third, strengthen the marketing work, adhere to the traditional region, vigorously expand the Southeast Asian market, jointly promote overseas marketing work; Fourth, actively promote the implementation of the project production, all departments should strengthen communication, take the initiative to help the project to solve practical problems; Fifth, continue to optimize the planning of the two preparatory projects, make dynamic adjustments according to the actual situation, and reserve relevant resources; Sixth, strengthen the final accounts of overseas projects to ensure the repatriation of funds.
    Tian Ziyong made a summary speech on this promotion meeting. He first affirmed the work of the Business Division in recent years and put forward higher goals and requirements for overseas business development in combination with the strategic layout of the company. It mainly emphasizes the following points: First, establish monthly meetings of overseas business units and weekly scheduling meetings of projects to comprehensively understand the construction and production situation of overseas projects and form a normalized management mechanism; Second, the candidate of overseas country management department is preliminarily drafted for discussion, and the specific office locations of each regional country management department are determined. Third, according to the relevant requirements of the group and the company, organize the dispatch of overseas personnel in an orderly manner and actively carry out overseas work; Fourth, attach great importance to the 14th and fifth planning, coordinate with the planning department for optimization and adjustment, and complete the establishment as soon as possible; Fifth, each department system and the leading group must combine the post responsibility, strengthens the work plan, enhances the work initiative; Sixth, continue to promote the school recruitment work, strive to complete the task ahead of schedule; Seventh, strengthen the interaction and exchanges with CSCIC to enhance business contacts and establish win-win cooperation; Eighth, in line with the "One Belt and One Road" strategy, we have sorted out and adjusted the product mix to optimize the distribution of overseas markets.