In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has brought a heavy disaster to mankind. In the face of the disaster, people of all countries in the world are closely united to fight against the epidemic. The preparatory team of China-Thailand high-speed railway actively fulfilled the social responsibility of enterprises and contacted the local government. On May 26, under the leadership of the head of the preparatory team, Jiang Tao, donated the epidemic prevention and living supplies purchased locally to the local people through the bangbayin County government, making a contribution to the anti-epidemic work in Thailand.
  The donation ceremony was successfully held at the Bambayin Government Office building. Mr. Wanchai, Bambayin County Magistrate, Mr. Teerapat, Deputy Magistrate and other government leaders attended the donation activity. Wanchai said that the epidemic prevention and living supplies are the most urgent need of the people, and he expressed his sincere gratitude for the donation. The county government will do its best to help the construction of the project and coordinate efforts to solve various problems encountered during the construction.
  Jiang Tao expressed the company leaders' concern for local epidemic prevention and safety in Thailand and the importance they attached to this donation activity. He also hoped that by taking this opportunity, the China-Thailand high-speed railway preparatory group could form close communication with Bangbayin County, normalize public welfare activities and lay a solid foundation for the later implementation of the project.
  At the end of the event, Wanchai presented a thank-you note to the project and posed for a photo with the project staff in front of the county government office building.