On the morning of August 17, 2020, the Export-Import Bank of China and the Mozambican National Highway Bureau held a meeting on off-site post-loan inspection of N6 project. Attend the meeting with the export-import bank of China representative office director sessions, Africa mozambique merry old o national bureau (right), engineering research, deputy director of kerry mill (third right) and other personnel, at the same time to attend and build civil regional director of mozambique xiao-hui zhang and anhui foreign economic construction (group) co., LTD. Affected by the epidemic, this meeting will be conducted by video.
     Mouth line contractor performance, project completion, and the engineering quality satisfaction to mozambique, national highways authority, merry old to mozambique N6 road rehabilitation and expansion project of perfect performance given the highly appreciated, and willing to continue to buildings and depth of the export-import bank of China in cooperation with China, for mozambique for more significant projects investment and construction. At the meeting, Zhang Xiaohui introduced the implementation of Mozambique's N6 project and expressed his sincere thanks to the export Bank and highway Bureau for their strong support.
     At last, Liu yu expressed his gratitude to the Highway Bureau and the participating units. He hoped that all of them could continue to maintain their advantages, improve their competitiveness and play an active role in the infrastructure construction of Mozambique.