In the afternoon of October 1, 2020, under the careful organization and deployment of the project staff, the first blasting work of the quarry of Cameroon En-Pa Road construction project of the overseas business division of the company was successfully completed, marking that the quarry officially entered large-scale production and laid a solid foundation for the follow-up construction tasks of the project.
  The blasting by the local government attaches great importance to, Cameroon ray deputy governor, Mr Okada generation mine bureau chief, the library director of explosive, the military police captain, assistant police chief, environmental protection bureau chief secretary and so on more than 10 people to watch, they highly praised the demolition work, fully affirmed the efforts for this project.
  After the blasting, all the employees of the project agreed that they would continue to carry forward the iron army spirit of "the order is forbidden and the mission is guaranteed" in the subsequent work, overcome difficulties, shoulder burdens bravely, and push forward the project construction with all their strength, so as to realize the perfect performance of the project.