On May 17, local time, Jose, administrator of The Dondo district of Mozambique and Director of the Ministry of Health Azaria visited The N6 project of Mozambique, accompanied by zhang Xiaohui, regional director of Southern Africa, Liu Liliang, executive manager of N1 project and other major project leaders.
     Jose in-depth projects department camp, in view of the new champions league epidemic prevention and control project work and closed-end management measures, and local employees of communication, detailed on the project construction environment, living environment, disease prevention and control measures and territorial employees state when conducted a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of body and mind, adhere to the principle of epidemic prevention, production of the project work action expressed his appreciation and affirmation. Jose said that at the moment of the epidemic, many enterprises have closed down and their employees have been dismissed, increasing pressure on the government. China State Construction Is the largest cooperative enterprise of the local government, which not only provides a large number of employment opportunities for the local people, but also trains many excellent technical talents.
    Zhang xiaohui welcomed Jose and his delegation, saying that they will strictly implement local policies and regulations on epidemic prevention and control, adhere to a two-handed approach and multi-party linkage, carry out production and operation in an orderly manner, and work together with the People of Mozambique to fight against the epidemic.